Ulfhedin Wiracsch

Discord: d0vahk1n#1502
IG: Ulfhedin Wiracsch

Race: Hrothgar
Height: 6'7
Age: 34
Build: Burly Muscular
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Red
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Mercenary

Ulfhedin is an imposing figure, standing yalms above most in terms of height and build, even among his fellow Hrothgar. He possesses a burly and broad physique, one tempered by the harsh climate of Ilsabard, his training, and the countless battles he’s taken part of over the years. His skin is the tone of ash, a grey shade as dark and bland as the mountains. His hair is long and for the most part unkempt, loosely tied together in the back with braided bangs that hang near both sides of his head, with an equally unkempt beard to match. Besides his scars, the most notable physicality of Uhlfhedin are his eyes: one being a shade of blood red, while the other a striking pearl white; the result of a battle scar that cost the warrior his right eye.

Ulfhedin is a blatantly honest man, first and foremost. He is one that always states what’s on his mind no matter the circumstances or environment. He has little care for social cues and even less for politics, likening them to playing dressup. When faced with a problem, like his blunt nature, he tends to face the issue head on; whether this blatant method involves his words or his fighting prowess, it matters not. This demeanor extends to anyone and everyone, friend or foe.

Ulfhedin is a man of violence. He enjoys fighting, reveling in the heat of battle as the sweat pours out of his body, and the blood and adrenaline that pumps through his heart. Every kill and victory is a title, every scar on his body a medal. He has little care for the reasons or the cause. If there is a fight to be had, he will have it. Despite this one track mind for violence, however, there is a limit to it. His lust for battle does not extend to the innocent, or to the ones who seek peace.

He is an honorable man; one who neither seeks or partakes of needless violence. In his mind, the ones that should be killed are the ones who are prepared to kill, and likewise, who are also prepared to die. He is not opposed to peace either, as even that in itself is a continuous fight that must be maintained. He can be merciful in his own way, as he’ll spare those who’ve neither the will nor the means to fight, and those whom he has a great respect for.

Though not much of a thinker or scholar, Ulfhedin is far from unlearned. He possesses a deceivingly sharp mind, particularly for battle and the arts of war. His experience as a fighter bleeds through every aspect of his being. Whether that’s how he talks, how he fights, even how he acts with others. He is reserved but self-assured, with no small amount of confidence in himself and his abilities, and such confidence is well-earned. Despite this, he is not blind to his own limits, and will freely acknowledge those whose abilities and skills are above his, whatever they may be.

Perhaps the worst thing about Ulfhedin is his anger. While it’s no doubt one of his greatest strengths, particularly in battle, it is also his greatest weakness. When the flames of his fury are fanned, it becomes a blaze, one that threatens to destroy everything in his path. Reason scarce comes to him, much less stops him, and it takes great effort to bridle down. In some cases, the only thing that can stop his wrath is either the object of his aggression, or his own death.

Ulfhedin grew up in the northern peaks of Ilsabard, to a nomadic and secluded tribe of Hrothgar. Though Ilsabard was the capital and center of the Garlean Empire, they kept themselves on the outskirts of the Garleans’ reach, and were for the most part, undisturbed. The soldiers that unfortunately crossed their path were slain, their bodies left and buried under fulms of snow and ice. Though a relatively secluded tribe, Ulfhedin and the others were able to find means and work as mercenaries, whether they were dealing with the wildlife, bandits, or the occasional skirmish with the Garleans. Their numbers, while not the greatest, were effective, even finding themselves in the employ of the resistance fighters and the Queensguard for a time.

Unfortunately, while the life of a mercenary was adventurous and had its perks, it also had its consequences. Whether in battle or old age, a great number of Ulfhedin’s comrades met their death, and soon enough it was only he and a small number left that included the leader of the tribe and his brother in arms, Jarric. As years passed, the jobs they’d take had become scarce, and most that remained were offered by the Garlean Empire which included fighting against their own people. This led to infighting within the group, the two parties being those who were against taking the work, and those were in favor. While Ulfhedin and the tribe leader fell into the former, Jarric was in the latter, and the consensus was always a stalemate with neither side winning out.

During one job that everyone was in favor of taking, what was supposed to be a routine contract turned out to be a trap laid by the Garleans. It was a massacre, one that left everyone dead save Ulfhedin who, despite fighting valiantly, was subdued and taken into Garlean custody. It was revealed that the other survivor, Jarric, was a traitor. He had orchestrated the job and led the Garleans to kill their tribe in exchange for citizenship and rank of distinguished service. He had offered his former brother the same opportunity, but it was spurned with anger and disgust, and a promise that Jarric would meet his end by Ulfhedin’s hands. This would be the last time they would see each other again.

Ulfhedin was placed into a labor camp, forced to mine and work the lands of the Garlean empire until the end of his days. During this time he came across another prisoner, one who with over time, he formed a friendship with. Throughout the years of their imprisonment they orchestrated a plan that resulted in theirs and many other prisoners’ escape. The two travelled together for a time, each learning from the other before going their separate ways.

• All the information on here is only known OOC, not IC
• Lore Flexibility: Prefer to stick to the lore whenever possible but have no issues with being flexible with one’s creativity so long as it makes sense and fits into the setting.
• RP Limits: No perma-deaths, no god-modding. Injuries, imprisonment, or anything else that could have longstanding consequences can and needs to be discussed OOC.
• RP Type: Somewhere between mid and heavy. Love immersing myself in my character(s) and interacting with the world and others, but real-life responsibilities limit my time.
• Preference: I can RP either IG or on Discord, though I usually prefer the former.
• Tells/Walkups are welcome

• Mercenary: Born with a love for fighting tempered by years of experience, Ulfhedin is a very capable fighter. And his skills are always available for sale.
• Rebel: Though first and foremost a mercenary, Ulfhedin's services have served to help no shortage of resistance fighters, especially those who oppose the Garlean Empire.
• Garlean: Ulfhedin has always butted heads with the empire, whether when it was in his clan or his time as a prisoner. There's no love lost between him and the Garleans.
• Traveler: Ulfhedin, though the majority of his life was spent in the fringes of Ilsabard, he has been to and seen other places.

I've always enjoyed reading and writing stories, which is what made me interested in RPing in the first place; even though I've only been roleplaying for a little over three years now. I've RPed in other games such as WoW, SWTOR, ESO, GW2, and FFXIV. I live in the EST time zone and am usually available for RP anytime between 12pm and 2am( unless I'm working). Feel free to contact me IG or on discords and hope to make memorable events and stories with you all!